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Video games are a highly interactive form of media that naturally allows for combining education with entertainment.


Learning should be fun, let’s try and make it that way !


Letter Blaster

Letter Blaster is an iOS app that allows young children to have fun while learning to recognize their ABC’s.

Kids are presented with three letters and asked to tap on a specific letter. When the correct letter is chosen it is “blasted” into the alphabet situated on a nearby space station. Fun hats are rewarded by dancing robots when multiple correct choices are made in a row. Kids can choose to show or hide the hats with a magic hat button.

Enough words, let’s take a look at the action !

Choose capitals, lower case, or script

Tap on the letter “J”

Correct answer !

The letter travels through space...

... and into the alphabet

Dancing robots award hats as prizes

Lets do it again !